Friday, July 10, 2009

We had to get up early or at least for me! But we had a private tour of a castle that we had been to the day before, it is amazing! Built in 1573, awesome old paintings in almost every room, great sculptures, it was a blast! Too bad our tour guide didn’t know anything! We would ask him a question, and his response would be “Boa.” (Bo-hu) Which is I don’t know for people who don’t know what that means! But it was amazing! When we got back, we were starting to get hungry! So of course Jason fixed us some toasted bread with some cheese, and some leftover beans from the first night. Then when I headed downstairs after a shower, Ash came running up the stairs, a big grin on her face, but I guess she always does! “Ohh! Grace! Guess what! Amber came to see you!” Amber is a girl that Ash has been teaching English. I was super psyched to meet her, but then the butterflies came! I had to take a deep breath! When I got downstairs, and I got a look of her, she was not what I pictured her to look like! I had no idea that she was shy! But it was so fun to get to know her! She’s so much like me, except shy! That night we went to a market, it was amazing! We took so many pics! It was a blast! I even used a hole for a toilet! Before we were about leave, Ash took us down some alleyways, and took us to a gelato place that was pretty damn good! When we got home we were all grabbing our stomachs! It seemed like we all went to bed early!


  1. Yeah!!!! you're writing on your blog...details you are sharing are wonderful and delightful...keep it up...we miss you and are enjoying your trip, virtually alongside. We're getting ready to go to the relay and I got your Dad his SURVIVOR shirt and medal and they told me to wear it and be his virtual survivor...we got Craig's mom a shirt and medal too...she nearly cried! She will tonight I'm sure when she hears the names read out loud. Have some wonderful gelato for all of us! hugs, JCOG

  2. Great, Grace!! Keep 'em coming. We feel like we can see the sights & hear the sounds right along with you. Just wish we could taste Jason's cooking -- and the gelato! Hugs for everyone.
    XXXOOO - GD & GS