Friday, July 10, 2009

Today we got up and went into town, Ash and Jason showed us (me, my dad, Kev, Spence, Ash and Jason) to a café in the town square to get some coffee, (which my dad spilled half of on a step) and a pastry for me that was the bomb! Then we walked around without Ash, and just wandered through town. When Ash came with us, we walked by the local church, When we heard somebody yell something in Italian to Ash, when we looked behind us, we saw this sweet looking older lady. She looked like an old grandma that you just want to hug! But any way, Ash introduced us, and when she heard that we were the Americans, she got this huge grin on her face, “ahhh! The Americans!” she said in a deep accent. “I bet she’s gonna tell the towns people ‘I saw the Americans!’”. When we got back to Ash and Jason’s, they made dinner for a couple staying, a couple and their 4 month old baby (the husband was one of the cow herders in one of Ash’s blogs), and had a huge feast! We all were soo stuffed afterward!

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