Friday, July 10, 2009

WE ARE HERE!! WE ARE HERE!! After a long, hard day of good byes, and getting on the plane, getting lost driving numerous times, we made it! When we finally got here, we heard, of course, Ashley’s scream, “Ahh! Yaaay!”. We felt so at home, so relaxed, soo…great to see Ash and Jason! And of course Kev, Chris, Spence and Auds! As soon as I saw the pool, I dropped my pants, and jumped right in! But it was later in the day so it started to get breezy and cold. Later Jason cooked one of the best meals ever! Of course I couldn’t find my camera, so we took pics on my mom’s camera, so we might not be able to get them on the blog. Later that day, after dinner we just sat around outside just enjoying family, the outdoors, and the cats! Ash and Jason have these adorable cats! They’re not kittens, but they sure act like it! That night we stayed up sooo late, of course my dad went to bed the earliest!

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  1. what a great day! i just can't believe you are here! I love it!!